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This is one, story out of many others that has reached millions of people and inspired and motivated a lot. Overweight, weak, scared, demotivated, this is who I was. Just like any other person, facing the side effects of weight gain. I became 90 kgs during my pregnancy and because of being obese was not able to walk properly and not able to toss myself in bed without support.

This is when I realised that’s its high time, and I need to do something about my weight. I was adamant to lose it but in a healthier way. It took me 2 years to get to 57 kgs and to tone my body.

I followed simple home workouts, went to the gym and even walked. I ate everything but I practiced portion control and chose healthier versions of food.


I my Masters in biotechnology. Since, I belong to the Science background and was always curious to learn more, I decided to study exercise science and nutrition so that I could help millions of ladies like me across the globe and that’s when FITNESS WITH NIDHI formed. I am now Internationally Certified Coach from American Council on Exercise (ACE), which is the world’s number one fitness certification. I self-transformed myself and I am so glad that in a short duration of year and a half, I have been able to help more than 15,000+ ladies across the globe, be it an issue related to PCOS, thyroid, skin issues, high cholesterol or high BP.

I have self-designed my programs just to make them flexible and fit into your routine.

Hard work, dedication, consistency can do wonders and I am a fitter version of myself now. I believe in making lifestyle changes by incorporating healthier meals and physical activity in daily routine.

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It’s a way to easily incorporate healthy eating and physical activity in your lifestyle. We make it flexible for you. We help you create a vision, prioritize your life, identify your value and establish SMART goals.

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11American Council on Exercise Fitness Trainer Certificate of Nidhi Gupta

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