Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much weight loss is possible with Fitness With Nidhi in a month?

    We at fitnesswithnidhi target only healthy weight loss which is 4 kgs in a month. Weight lost in such a way doesn’t bounce back. We don’t give any crash diets.

  • How are we at fitnesswithnidhi different from others?

    We offer customised plans after taking your details. We have proper weekly consultations and dedicated videos calls with our clients.

  • Are we at fitnesswithnidhi taking live workouts for our clients?

    Yes, live workouts are conducted from Monday to Friday. It’s a 50 minute session and we have two batches, morning 6:30 AM IST and evening 5 PM IST

  • Are we at fitnesswithnidhi giving any supplements for weight loss?

    No, we believe in simple home cooked meals.

  • Can a diet plan shared at fitnesswithnidhi control cholesterol?

    Yes, a customised meal plan for cholesterol and workouts along with it can surely help you with a healthy lifestyle.

  • What all programs we offer at fitnesswithnidhi?

    We have monthly and quarterly programs. You can either enrol for a meal plan or for workouts. Workouts provided are both pre recorded videos for workouts and live session.

  • Can the meal plan shared at fitnesswithnidhi help me reverse my thyroid?

    We have had many successful clients who have not only lost weight and reduced inches but have also reversed their thyroid.

  • How often are the follow ups at fitnesswithnidhi?

    You will get twice a week call from our end and 1 video call on monthly basis.

  • Do we refund the program amount once enrolled?

    We don’t have a refund policy. However, the manger number is on our website. Please discuss before enrolling which program will work best for you.

  • Do we at fitnesswithnidhi offer pregnancy diets?

    We do give pregnancy diets. We have dietician who are maternity and child care specialist.

  • Can I enrol for my fussy kids meal plan at fitnesswithnidhi?

    Yes, you can enrol for your kids meal plan. We start when the baby is 6 months old and provide plan till the kid is 15 years of age.

  • Can I get a trial live workout class at fitnesswithnidhi?

    We don’t have any trial sessions. Contact us for further information.

  • Can I get a sample meal plan from fitnesswithnidhi?

    We believing in customisation of your plans and giving you the exact portion that your body requires. We make plans after taking your deatils. So, we don’t have any sample plans.