Kashmiri Kahwa Tea: 6 Amazing Health Benefits


TEA is a must part of the morning routine for most of us. It gives us a boost and helps us to kick start our day. Many different types of tea are cherished in different parts of the world. One such tea known as Kashmiri kahwa, which is believed to have originated in Kashmir itself during the first and second A.D., is a combination of taste and aroma.

There are many methods of preparing this tea. By adding saffron strands in it, as is done in traditional recipes, this tea helps protect from extreme cold and chill. This tea was traditionally made in a brass vessel known as samovar, which has a cavity in the centre, where burning coal is put and sides are left for the water and other ingredients to boil.

Ingredients of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Kahwa leaves½ tsp (crushed in palms)
Saffron strands3-4
Water1 cup
Cloves3 pieces
Cinnamon powder½ tsp
Jaggery/stevia½ tsp

How to make Kashmiri Kahwa Tea?

  • Preparation time of kahwa = 5 mins
  • Cooking time = 4-5 mins
  • Total Time = 10 mins

Following is the step by step kashmiri kahwa recipe,

  • Put the water in a pan to boil.
  • Add cloves, saffron strands and cinnamon powder to it.
  • Meanwhile, sliver 2-3 almonds in a cup.
  • As soon as the water starts boiling, add Kashmiri kahwa tea leaves and turn off the flame.
  • Leave the water with tea leaves for 2-3 minutes and let the flavor from tea leaves diffuse into the water
  • Sieve your kahwa in the cup with almonds and add jaggery/stevia.
  • Mix well and consume.

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Benefits/who should consume kashmiri kahwa chai?

  1. Aids digestion: one hot cup of kahwa tea, can help you to easily digest any heavy and cream-rich meal because it prevents the deposition of cholesterol. It is rich in many antioxidants, that help in relieving any bloating or acidity. Also, it helps in fighting extreme cold. It is usually consumed either early in the morning or at late night after eating dinner.
  2. Helps in weight loss: The cinnamon present in this tea, helps in burning cholesterol, and thus helps in preventing heart problems. Cinnamon also helps in lowering blood sugar levels and also increases satiety, which prevents over-eating. Green cardamom present in the kahwa, also helps in reducing weight. Moreover, almonds are rich in healthy fats which are good for the body.
  3. Prevents common infections: Kashmiri kahwa made with saffron in it, helps in fighting infections by strengthening immunity. Saffron is a rich source of vitamin B12 which helps in building immunity. Polyphenols found in this tea, also aid in building immunity. After drinking this kahwa, blood vessels get relaxed and cholesterol is removed from them. This prevents the formation of blood clots.
  4. Improves sleep patterns: The anti-oxidants found in this kahwa tea helps in reducing the free radicals made in the body after a long day of hard work. It also helps in the release of neurotransmitters which are known to promote happiness, like dopamine and serotonin. The relaxing aroma of this kahwa and the release of these happiness inducing hormones help in reducing stress and thus improves sleep patterns.
  5. Makes skin glowing: Saffron and almonds present in this kahwa, helps in curing acne and dryness of the skin. A regular consumption of this kahwa helps in improving glow of the skin.

Who Should Avoid Kashmiri Kahwa?

  • Heart patients: As this kahwa is warm in nature and it increases blood pressure, thus it may worsen the condition of people with a history of heart ailments. Such people must limit its intake and should preferably avoid the addition of saffron in it.
  • Obese people: People who want to reduce weight must consume this kahwa by adding any zero calorie sweetener like stevia etc. Because the addition of sugar in this, makes it a high calorie beverage which may hinder weight loss and even results in putting on extra weight.
  • Diabetics: People who are on blood sugar lowering medications, must take this kahwa with a non calorie sweetener like stevia etc. Reason being the same, that the addition of sugar in it makes this kahwa rich in calories.
  • People suffering from anxiety: Such people must avoid this kahwa because the amount of caffeine present in it is somewhat more as compared to other green teas. This moderate amount of caffeine may result in raised stress levels due to increased anxiety and loss of sleep (if consumed at late night in higher doses).
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Kashmiri kahwa is a beneficial green tea, which supplies different benefits for different health conditions. But attention must be given towards its ingredients, like saffron must be avoided if it is being taken to improve sleep pattern, sugar must be avoided if it is being consumed by a heart patient, diabetic or an obese person.

Similarly, cloves, saffron and cinnamon must be added in it, if it is intended to be consumed to cure cough and flu. There are some downsides of this kahwa like it is warm in nature and may raise blood, can also distort sleep patterns due to its high caffeine content if consumed in excess.

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