Tips to manage hair fall, Biotin rich foods, DIY hair masks

Contents OverviewDoes biotin help your hair grow ?Best Foods for Hair GrowthRecipe of Biotin Rich PowderDIY Hair ShampooDIY Hair OilDIY Hair MaskFrequently Asked Questions Hair care is no cake walk and who would understand this better than our generation. Exposure to pollution, bad hair products, poor diet and stress are all factors for hair damage....
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Summer Drinks

Contents Overview8 Healthy Summer DrinksFrequently Asked Questions As we welcome summers, temperatures begin to sore high, leaving us all sweaty and dehydrated. Well, try these amazing summer cooler, healthy drinks to quench your thirst and maintain good health. 8 Healthy Summer Drinks 1. Coconut water Also known as Mother nature’s Sports drink. It is a...
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Cure the Winter Blues

Contents Overview1. Ghee2. Millets3. Green Leafy Vegetables4. Fruits5. JaggerySimple Jaggery Recipe6. Nuts and Seeds7. Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric8. Sweet Potato9. Soup10. Vitamin D Every nutrient serves an essential role in the body, which is why it is important to consume a nutrient -rich and varied diet. From a carbohydrate-rich and nutrient packed citrus fruits to...
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