Self Transformation: How I Lost 33 Kgs in 12 Months


This blog is very close to my heart as I decide to pen down my transformation journey of losing 33 kgs. In a world where self-love and self-care are gaining prominence, my personal weight loss journey stands as a testament to the incredible power we possess to transform ourselves. Through hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to my health, I managed to shed an astounding 33 kilograms. 

Join me as I take you on a captivating ride through the triumphs and trials of myself-weight loss transformation, ultimately leading to a more vibrant, confident, and fulfilled version of myself.

So, here goes my Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation Journey of shedding 33 Kilograms and Rediscovering a healthier and happier Me.

My weight loss journey was not only about physical transformation but also an exploration of my inner strength and self-discovery. In this blog, I will share the ups and downs, the lessons learned, and the joy of achieving my weight loss goals.

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Chapter 1: The Wake-Up Call 

The adventure of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I vividly remember the moment that served as my wake-up call the day when people around me were ashamed of taking me out with them. I was told time and again how ugly I looked now with all the weight on me and that I can’t fit in any of my old clothes any more.

my self transformation journey of losing 33 kgs of weight

It was a harsh reality check. I was completely shattered because I feel the support comes from family first, and being a new mom, the weight that I carried was my baby’s weight. My body served as a womb to a new life for 9 months and how can anyone expect a new mom to change overnight with no help around to take care of the baby? It ignited a burning desire for change within me. I realized that I needed to take control of my health and embark on a weight loss journey to regain my confidence and overall well-being.

Chapter 2: Setting Realistic Goals 

No successful weight loss journey is complete without a well-crafted strategy. In this chapter, I will share the steps I took to create a road map for my transformation. 

Before diving headfirst into my weight loss journey, I took the time to set realistic goals. I crafted a plan that would ensure both effective and sustainable weight loss. I understood that true transformation required patience and consistency, so I focused on making long-term lifestyle changes rather than seeking quick fixes.

I got a notepad and started tracking my meals and workouts. I was very strict and adamant to achieve my goal so the first thing I said no to was fried, processed food, and additional sugar. I felt it was a little difficult for the first three days but then I got used to it.

There were temptations at times and the only thing I craved was chocolates so I included 28 g of dark chocolate in my day not regularly but on days I felt I can’t do without. I always had protein bars with me which were a snack option when I was not home and couldn’t cook a proper meal which kept me full.

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Balancing Fitness, Nutrition, and Work: A Day in My Healthy Lifestyle Routine

Now, I will walk you through my daily routine, sharing how I strike a harmonious balance between my workout regimen, nutritious meals, and a mother’s responsibilities. By incorporating healthy habits into my daily life, I have found a sustainable approach to holistic wellness.

Morning Energizers

My day began with a focus on energizing both my mind and body. I woke up early at 5 AM to carve out time for my 1 hour morning walk without fail in my Panchkula society. This practice helped me start the day with a calm and centered mindset, preparing me for the challenges ahead.

Workout Sessions

Exercise has played a pivotal role in my daily routine, and I prioritize it to maintain my fitness levels. I will now outline my workout routine, which includes a mix of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises.

I structured my workouts based on my fitness goals and time availability. Treadmill for 20 minutes at a speed where you can comfortably talk, also called a Talk test, is something that I preferred. 

Walking or jogging at the same speed for 20 – 30 minutes puts your body in a fat-loss zone. After this 1 hour of strength training. Start by lifting light weights and as you start developing strength move to heavy weights.

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Nourishing Meals

Nutrition is the fuel that powers my active lifestyle, and I have always paid close attention to the quality and quantity of the food I consume. I emphasized the importance of a well-balanced diet, incorporating lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. 

My pre-workout routine consisted of a cup of black coffee and a few dates or a small glass of oatmeal with 20-25 g of oats, a few pumpkin seeds, and a spoon of peanut butter, blended with 100 ml low-fat milk. 

Post-workout was a scoop of whey protein in water, a few 3-4 egg whites, and toast or maybe a grilled paneer sandwich with loads of veggies. Lunch was again a bowl of rice and scrambled paneer with at least half a plate of salad or rice with chicken curry and keema. 

Evening snack is something where we tend to fail. I kept it simple with egg whites, protein shakes, or fruit of choice. I was super tired by the end of the day so I kept my dinner the same as lunch almost every single day.

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Now, controlling sugar cravings during a weight loss journey is one big challenge, but with determination and some strategies, it is possible. Here are a few tips:

  1. Gradual reduction: Don’t try to eliminate sugar all at once. Gradually reduce your intake to avoid feeling deprived, which could lead to binging later. For example, if you take three teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee, reduce it to two, then one, and eventually switch to no sugar or a natural sweetener like stevia.
  2. Stay hydrated: Sometimes, thirst can be mistaken for hunger or sugar cravings. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and reduce the urge to snack on sugary foods.
  3. Include protein and fibre:  Protein and fiber-rich foods help you feel full and satisfied for longer periods, reducing the desire for sugary snacks. Incorporate foods like lean meats, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet.

Balancing my lifestyle with my son’s routine

Don’t waste your time. Try to finish your work as much as possible when your kids sleep or play. I used to do meal preps. Perfect gym wear and nice songs totally motivates me so I made it a point to keep the clothes and my headphones ready at night so that i don’t have any excuse.

At times, Vivaan wasn’t well or was home because of his vacations but that also didn’t stop me. I stayed home with him and when he was sleeping, I went to the other room to finish my day’s exercise. Kids, their meals, and studies, one can never find time for themselves so make the best use of what you have. Build strategies for maintaining productivity. Remember, time management, setting boundaries, and prioritizing tasks to optimize efficiency. 

Post-Work Activities and Wind-Down After a productive day

Sit down with your kids and read out to them. I always make it a point till date to finish my work early and give the rest of the day to my son, Vivaan because this is his age of doing certain things and this time will never come back. So, if I miss this moment, I might never be able to enjoy the same time with him again. Kids need you and all your attention at times. So, it’s important to disconnect from work-related stress and engage in activities that promote relaxation, mental well-being, and a good night’s sleep.

Chapter 3: Overcoming Obstacles 

The path to weight loss was not without its hurdles. I encountered numerous challenges, including temptations at times, self-doubt, and plateaus. However, I learned to confront and overcome these obstacles. Additionally, I experimented with different exercise routines and found activities that I genuinely enjoyed, making fitness an integral part of my life. I learned to listen to my body’s hunger and fullness cues and developed mindful eating practices. 

Chapter 4: Celebrating Milestones 

Throughout my journey, I celebrate small victories along the way. I acknowledged every milestone achieved, whether it was losing a few kilograms or fitting into a smaller clothing size. Celebrating these achievements boosted my confidence, reinforced my commitment, and served as a reminder of how far I had come. It’s really very important to click pictures. The comparison with the previous pics totally motivates you to go further in the journey.

Chapter 5: Embracing a New Lifestyle 

As the numbers on the scale decreased, I realized that my weight loss journey had transformed into a lifestyle change. I embraced a healthier way of living, which extended beyond just physical changes. I discovered a newfound love for self-care, mindfulness, and mental well-being. I prioritized getting enough sleep, managing stress, and fostering positive relationships. This holistic approach allowed me to sustain my weight loss and thrive in all aspects of my life.

Vibrant, Confident and Fulfilled Version of Myself
Vibrant, Confident and Fulfilled Version of Myself


As I conclude my weight loss journey story, I reflect on the incredible journey I embarked upon, the lessons I learned, and the person I have become. Losing 33 kg was not merely a number on the scales, it was a testament to my resilience, dedication, and unwavering belief in myself.

I hope that by sharing my story, I inspire others to embrace their own transformative journeys and discover the strength within to overcome any obstacle. Remember, no matter how daunting the path may seem, you have the power to reclaim your life and embark on a journey of self-transformation. 

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