June 3, 2022

Pani Ka Matka: How to Buy, Benefits

Shares : Contents OverviewAbout Earthen Clay PotFew things to keep in mind while buying pani ka matkaHow to clean clay pots for drinking water?3 benefits of drinking water from earthen pot I thought of telling you the amazing benefits of drinking water from earthen pot but somewhere at the back of my mind was, “why...
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Tips to manage hair fall, Biotin rich foods, DIY hair masks

Shares : Contents OverviewDoes biotin help your hair grow ?Best Foods for Hair GrowthRecipe of Biotin Rich PowderDIY Hair ShampooDIY Hair OilDIY Hair MaskFrequently Asked Questions Hair care is no cake walk and who would understand this better than our generation. Exposure to pollution, bad hair products, poor diet and stress are all factors for...
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