Weight Loss Transformation Journey of Sheetal Shah

11Sheetal Shah 8 Kgs Weight Loss Transformation in 3 Months
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Achieving sustainable weight loss and wellness through Customised Meal Plans and Live workout Sessions with Nidhi.

Client Information

  • Name: Sheetal Shah
  • Age: 48 years old
  • Initial Weight: 78 kg
  • Weight Loss Goal: Achieve a healthier weight
  • Program Duration: 3 months
  • Wellness Coach: Nidhi

Client Background

Sheetal Shah, a 48-year-old professional, approached Nidhi intending to improve her overall health and lose excess weight. Sheetal’s weight had steadily increased over the years due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. She felt the need for a personalized approach to help her achieve her goals, and that’s when she decided to work with Nidhi.

Weight Transformation Program Overview

Nidhi, a certified wellness coach, designed a customized meal plan and live workout sessions tailored to Sheetal’s specific needs, preferences, and goals. The program aimed to promote weight loss, improve overall fitness, and instil long-term healthy habits in Sheetal’s life.

Initial Assessment

Nidhi began the program by conducting a thorough assessment of Sheetal’s lifestyle, dietary preferences, medical history, and physical capabilities. This assessment helped Nidhi gain a comprehensive understanding of Sheetal’s current health status and the areas that needed improvement.

Customized Meal Plan

sheetal's meal pics

Based on Sheetal’s dietary preferences and nutritional requirements, Nidhi designed a personalized meal plan focused on balanced nutrition, portion control, and calorie management. The meal plan included a variety of foods that Sheetal enjoyed while ensuring that she met her daily nutritional needs. Sheetal was educated on the importance of mindful eating, the role of each food group, and how to make healthier food choices.

One-Day Meal Plan of Sheetal

one day meal plan sheetal
  • Early Morning: Garden Cress seeds drink (use 1 tsp overnight soaked seeds in 200 ml water and add lemon)
  • Breakfast: Upma
  • Mid-Day Snack: A glass of Buttermilk
  • Lunch: Millets, Dal, and Seasonal Sabzi
  • Evening Snack: Makhana Paneer Chaat
  • Dinner: Millet Roti with seasonal sabzi

Live Workout Sessions

Nidhi developed a fitness regimen that included live workout sessions tailored to Sheetal’s fitness level and goals. The workouts incorporated a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. These sessions were conducted via video calls, allowing Nidhi to monitor Sheetal’s form, provide real-time feedback, and motivate her to stay consistent with her workouts.

Progress Tracking

Throughout the 3-month program, Nidhi monitored Sheetal’s progress regularly. Sheetal’s weight, body measurements, and overall fitness levels were tracked to ensure that she was on the right path. Adjustments were made to the meal plan and workout routine as necessary to ensure continuous progress.


After three months of dedicated effort, Sheetal experienced significant improvements in her health and well-being:

sheetal shah 3 month transformation
  1. Weight Loss: Sheetal successfully lost 8 kgs, achieving her initial weight loss goal.
  2. Inch Loss: Sheetal’s body measurements showed a remarkable reduction of 10 inches overall.
  3. Improved Fitness: Sheetal’s stamina, strength, and flexibility noticeably improved, allowing her to perform workouts more effectively.
  4. Healthier Eating Habits: Sheetal developed a better understanding of nutrition and adopted healthier eating habits, which contributed to her sustainable weight loss.


The case of Sheetal Shah highlights the transformative journey of a 48-year-old client who, with the guidance of wellness coach Nidhi, achieved her weight loss and fitness goals through a customized meal plan and live workout sessions. 

Sheetal’s success demonstrates the power of personalized, holistic approaches to wellness and the importance of a dedicated coach in guiding clients to achieve their goals and develop lifelong healthy habits. With the newfound knowledge and positive lifestyle changes, Sheetal is on a path to maintaining her achievements and enjoying better health and well-being.

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Nidhi Gupta is an ACE certified personal trainer and nutritionist with over 10 years of experience helping people reach their fitness goals. She is passionate about helping people live healthier lives and loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. Get in touch with her to learn more about how she can help you on your fitness journey.
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